The 'Cat' is back!

The Psychic is In!

Psychic Medium & Astral-energy Astrologer

over 40 years experience

Catalina 'Cat' Redbird

~ First Nation Spirit Name ~ 

(a.k.a. Toni D. Johns given birth name)

  Live Entertainment 

Parties ~ Special Events ~ Fundraisers

  • In person, phone, online, Skype  
  • house and office parties
  • local community business sharing 
  • corporate parties and events 
  • boat and/or cottage parties
  • community support events 
  • wedding and new baby parties 
  • non-profit community fundraisers 
  • birthday and anniversary parties 


All Inquiry Contact Information:

Mobile phone (text or leave msg) ~ (647) 449-5920 


Email inquiry or e-Transfer payments to:


Facebook Pages: @ThePsychicInn ~ @HurKissAstrology



                            Or Telepath Me!

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 Send all other inquires to:

 Toni D. Johns (c/of - Catalina Redbird)
Business Mailing Address: 
 Unit 139- 2255 B Queen St. East,
 Toronto, ON   M4E 1G3, 
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".. have lived a life of extraordinary ongoing discovery & adventure . I fully expect to continue a  life unfolding in constant spiritual wonder... always I aspire to do my best on behalf of the client in assisting a gentle intuitive communication with their own personal unique experience to the conditions of life and the questions they face ... 

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The Psychic is In !!! ~ Live Entertainment some week days and/or Sunday's till 6pm

👩‍🎤 5 minutes FREE with $5.00 minimum menu purchase👍

(confirm order with payment receipt)

WALK-IN's: $1.00 a min, average session 20 to 30 mins

Psychic Astrologer - Toni D. Johns  (Spirit name - Catalina 'Cat' Redbird) 

@ JUICE & JAVA CAFE’ (Wineva/Queen St. E.)

- 2102 Queen St. E.; Toronto Beaches - 6:PM close daily 

~ Walk-Ins some weekdays, most Sundays (till end August)

~ Pay Psychic Direct: Cash or e-Transfer 

~ Cell: 647-449-5920 - text or leave vx message 

~ Email (goes to cell): [ ]

~ Appointment book on site 

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#Medium #Clairvoyant #Clairaudient #Oracle #Astrology 


~ Great food prepared onsite

~ Great shops, parks to walk-about in Toronto Beach! 


~ Cafe host request minimum purchase please! 

      ...."I didn't know when I was a small child that others did not see and hear what I saw and heard. My gramma, a self acclaimed clairvoyant herself, saw it in me and began to play games with me that instilled a playful confidence early on that carried to this day "  

*  *  *  * 

I was born in the City of Angels, Los Angeles, California early 1950's where lived till 1970 then to relocate and explore living & loving in Toronto, Ontario Canada and Las Vegas, Nevada - currently living Oshawa, Durham Region, Ontario, Canada

 *  *  *  *

In over 45 years of dedication & practice have explored, studied, worked with in my practice many spiritual science leading edge masters, astrology, astrophysics including quantum mechanics & religious belief habitats, such asThoth, Hatha Yoga, Kabbalha, Ten Eminations, Zen Mindfulness, Hindu, Christ, Seth, I Ching, Ancient Runes, Law of Attraction Abraham-Hicks, Native Sacred Path & several Tarot, Oracle cards

....just to name a few 

*  *  *  * 

An original southern California hippie 'flower child'  of the 60's                                                 

*  *  *  *

Co-founding member Toronto Guild of Astrologers 1975-1982                                               

*  *  *  * 

Began journey attending & doing reads at Psychic Fairs 1977 with Ruth Yellowlease my spiritual science guide & teacher of eight years

*  *  *  *   

Provided reading consultations in Canada's first international psychic website Live Online webcam chat room including answering over 1,000 email readings for 2002-2005                                                  

*  *  *  * 

Anthony Carr's Circle of Psychic Masters group yearly predictions 1992-2014

*  *  *  * 

~ Session and client contact info are not intentionally used for site marketing but are held in strict client confidentiality, however client/customer is welcome to record session if they wish

*** [ NO SCAM - Spell Casting - bribed nor discussed ]

****** DISCLAIMER: All sessions for entertainment purposes only and do NOT predict, forecast, diagnose or provide information with absolute certainty. Toni D. Johns (Spirit name - Catalina 'Cat' Redbird) does not give legal or medical advice nor predict death, and cannot go anywhere in the psyche without the expressed permission from the client in conscious or unconscious mind free will. Each individual is the co-creator in Spirit Walk... Toni Johns is a medium & spiritual science coach during the consultation and cannot be held accountable to ramifications as a result to the interpretations or decisions the client makes based on current interpretation through discussions provided during sessions.

*** All consultation recipients must be 18 years of age or older unless expressed permission by a parent or legal guardian or legally living on your own from age 16-18.



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